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Featured Projects : Underground Survival Bunker / Storm Shelter

Underground Survival Bunkers & Storm Shelters provide the ultimate protection from tornados, hurricanes, and other disasters - natural or man-made.

Shelters may be constructed to allow for short or long-term occupancy and can include many of the comforts found in your own home, or just the bare necessities.

Project Details:

"Essential" Shelter
  • Basic 8' x 16' sealed design
  • Occupancy for 1-2 people
  • Bare necessities only - food, water, minimal power & lighting
  • Can be customized to meet your specific needs

"Enhanced" Shelter
  • Two 8' x 16' sections joined - approx. 200 sq ft
  • Occupancy for 3-4
  • Separate sleeping area
  • Extra storage area
  • Restroom with basin and privacy toilet
  • Kitchenette with sink and heating
  • *Selection of appliances and features may require external power generation

"Deluxe" Shelter
  • Approx. 1000 sq ft
  • Primary extrance is obscured by shed structure
  • Seconday entrance ladder in rear of complex
  • Occupancy for 6 people
  • Separate sleeping areas
  • Extra storage areas
  • Restroom with showers, basins, and privacy toilets
  • Kitchen with sink and heating element
  • Recreation area
More configurations are available with numerous options. Please contact us at to discuss your specific needs and to receive a custom quote.

Dealers, please contact us at if you would like to represent us and sell our products.
  Doomsday Bunker - 2D Overhead View

Doomsday Bunker - 3D Overhead View

Doomsday Bunker - 3D Overhead View

Doomsday Bunker - 3D Overhead View

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