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Featured Projects : Mobile Test Support Facility

Mobile Aircraft Support Trailer designed and manufactured for the United States Air Force, to support F-15 and F-16 warfare electronics.

Self-contained power generation, with shore power capability.

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Project Details:

Trailer Shell
  • Design is based on a 53' Stoughton Van trailer shell
  • Typically, this is the longest trailer that is available.
HVAC Units
  • Dual mounted HVAC units are available
  • Total capacity ranges from 3 ton to 12 ton
Generator Room
  • 8'W x 9'L to 8'W x 14' long available, sound-attenuated generator compartment
  • Houses a Kohler 100KW diesel powered generator
  • Raised, reinforced floor.
  • All surfaces were covered with a sound deadening material for noise reduction.
  • Generator is positioned for easy access to both sides.
  • Powered venting louvers; hinged for easy access when performing maintenance on generator armature
  • Generator is shock-mounted to reduce vibration
  • Exhaust blanket
  • Flush mounted roof exhaust box
  • Spill damn underneath generator
  • Powerware 400 Hz Converter/UPS
  • Manual/Auto shore power switch
  • Manual power cable reel used to roll up shore power cable
  Kolher 100KW diesel powered generator Powered venting louvers
Under-belly storage boxes
  • Used for storing steps and platforms
  • Extra space for storing miscellaneous items
  • Shock resistant lighting inside
  Under-belly storage boxes
Custom steps and platforms
  • All aluminum construction with railings
  • Easy 2-man assembly/disassembly
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  Custom steps and platforms
Inside/outside personnel doors
  • Standard industrial security door on inside
  • Trailer door on outside
  Inside/outside personnel doors
Main Desktop Workspace
  • 14' Laminated countertop with shelf
  • Commercial grade drop-ceiling with recessed lighting; fire retardant
  • Kemply fiberglass interior wall system - choice of surface textures
  • "Whiteboard" style wall section
  • "Computer floor" modular system for running wiring under floor
  • Weather-resistant cable access ports - allow access from outside without opening doors; 8" cable bag and removable aluminum bulkhead plate
  Main Desktop Workspace

Weather-resistant cable access ports
Cooling Room
  • Sound attenuated
  • Extra cooling capacity for temperature sensitive electronics
  • Lexan windows on inside walls
  Cooling Room
Maintenance Area
  • View 360º Surround Video  
  • Custom engineered and fabricated support racks
  • Track mounted - can be adjusted vertically or horizontally
  • Equimpent securing tie-downs on floor; E-track system on walls
  • Copper electrical grounding strips run the length of the trailer
  • Access window to Cooling Room
  • Separate HVAC thermostat
  • Bridge crane - custom hoist and crane; multi-directional capability; 1000 LBS. capacity
  Maintenance Area
Custom engineered and fabricated support racks
Bridge crane - custom hoist and crane; multi-directional capability; 1000 LBS. capacity
  • Maxon rail-lift
  • 96" x 84"
  • High lift option available
  • 24" platform extension available
  Maxon rail-lift Liftgate

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